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COVID-19: Community Response

This survey is now closed. We will present the results of the survey soon.

Dear fellow activists and allies,

During these challenging times, with the WHO declaring coronavirus a global pandemic on 11 March, GATE would like to offer our solidarity with trans, gender diverse and intersex activists and community members across the globe.

The WHO has released guidelines and answers to FAQ relating to COVID-19 for staying safe and protecting ourselves and others. UNAIDS has issued similar guidelines specifically aimed at people living with HIV.

The community response is crucial during this extraordinary period. We must remain vigilant, document, and report any human rights violations, interruptions of services and care.

As an international organization campaigning globally for trans, gender diverse and intersex equality, GATE have always had a remote, virtual working set-up, so our staff are ready to continue working during this crisis. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed all staff travel and additional support is being offered to our staff where needed.

During this period, GATE will be documenting any irregularities that trans, gender diverse and intersex people face during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for this we are asking for your contributions.

Please report any irregularities that you experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic. GATE will be following up on these and reporting them to the relevant organizations e.g. WHO, UNAIDS, Global Fund. In addition, we will be analysing this data and making it available (with all personal identifying details removed) to our communities to inform collective responses to COVID-19. This form is available to complete in English, Spanish or French. 

We have also created a list of resources for our communities. We will be continually updating this page to reflect latest information and resources available.

It is more important now than ever to stand in solidarity with one another and to do what we can to support our local and international communities. Connect with one another to offer support where you can, and to ask for support when you need it.

In solidarity,
The GATE Team