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Joint Submission to the Expert Council on NGO Law

Regarding the Study of less favorable treatment of NGOs

GATE and TGEU sent a joint submission to the Expert Council on NGO law, concerning the way some NGOs are treated less favorably, specifically, NGOs and (unregistered) activist collectives focused on trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) rights, as well as the broader lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) communities. Some of the challenges presented in the submission included:

  • Hostile environment and political opposing due to antigender, anti-LGBTQI, and anti-rights politics and groups
  • Insufficient commitment or effectiveness in addressing alleged crimes, holding accountable those responsible, and countering violent actions and disinformation spread by these movements
  • Restrictions and hindrances from legislative measures impacting TGDI and broader LGBTQI activism
  • Political developments affecting human rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech and expression.

Some of the less favorable treatment reported took several forms, including verbal attacks, physical attacks and threats to TGDI and wider LGBTQI activists.

The submission concludes by signaling that antigender opposition negatively impacts pro-TGD/LGBTQI rights groupsability to operate and advocate for positive changes, with psycho-emotional stress and burnout among staff, board, and/or volunteers being the leading vulnerability.

You can read or download the Joint Submission below.