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Anti-gender mobilizing: Global and Regional Conversations

We are delighted to share GATE’s Report on anti-gender mobilizing, which features contributions from transnational activists.

Since anti-gender movements are frequently well-connected with each other transnationally and inform each other’s strategies, activist resistance also needs to be informed by transnational experience. Unfortunately, activists often work in silos, lack access to information on “what works,” and have few positive examples from which to draw. As part of its work on anti-gender opposition, GATE sees its role in convening trans activists from various parts of the world to enable knowledge and experience sharing to support national organizations in their advocacy efforts.

GATE organized two webinars in April 2022. The first webinar titled ”Challenges, Impact, Opportunities: Global anti-gender mobilizing” was held online on April 24 and discussed the impact of anti-gender mobilizing on trans and gender diverse (TGD) activism at the international level, the challenges posed by these groups as well as new opportunities for TGD activists. The second webinar ”Comparative analysis of regional anti-gender mobilizing against TGDI activism” was held online on April 28 and focused on anti-gender movements and their strategies concerning (LGB)TGD activism comparatively in different regions.

This report features contributions from Viviane Vergueiro (International Trans Fund), Luíza Veado (Outright International), Chamindra Weerawardhana (ILGA World), Levan Berianidze (GATE), Natia Gvianishvili (RFSL), Alexus D’Marco (UCTRANS), Alexandra Rodríguez de Ruiz (El/La Para TransLatinas), Zsa-Zsa Fisher (PAN Africa ILGA).

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Challenges, Impact, Opportunities: Global anti-gender mobilizing
Comparative analysis of regional anti-gender mobilizing against TGDI activism