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Anti-Gender Movements

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Countering anti-gender movement opposition to trans, gender diverse and intersex (TDGI) communities

The anti-gender movement is an international movement which opposes what it refers to as gender ideology, gender theory, or genderism (Kováts, Eszter, 2016).

GATE is focused on increasing the capacity of trans, gender diverse and intersex communities to respond to anti-gender movements operating at the international, regional and national levels. Across the globe, trans, gender diverse and intersex (TDGI) people are being targeted by anti-gender movements operating at the social, political and institutional level. These movements are trying to restrict or deny access to human rights, including autonomy and self-determination, depathologization, mental and bodily integrity, legal gender recognition and gender affirming healthcare, informed consent, sanitation, and freedom from discrimination and torture.

Our analysis shows that the anti-gender movements are growing in power and geographical reach, and becoming more successful in pushing back against the hard-won gains by the LGBTIQ+ communities. This is an ongoing area of work that encompasses building the capacity of TGDI movements to respond effectively to the opposition from the anti-gender movements.

If you are interested in funding GATE’s work in this area, or collaborating with us on a project, please contact us at

GATE often seeks input and participation from trans and gender diverse community members, as well as providing support for engaging with UN bodies and processes. We are interested in highlighting the opposition that trans and gender diverse people face from anti-gender groups and engaging in strategic collaboration to advocate for specific recommendations regarding this issue. Information relating to these opportunities are listed below.

Anti-gender movements generate tremendous challenges for LGBTIQ+ and gender equality campaigners. They have demonstrated capacity to mobilize broad public support against legal and policy reform on priority issues for LGBTIQ+ and feminist campaigners, including same-sex partnerships, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), abortion rights, and trans rights. They have also demonstrated significant power to set political agendas and frame societal developments. These resources provide a starting point to mapping and countering anti-gender movements.


Drawing upon international human rights laws and policies to build a comprehensive strategy to protecting trans, gender diverse and intersex communities, these publications are designed to be used by our community members and allies to inform and build upon their work in countering anti-gender movements.

UN Submissions

In order to highlight Anti-Gender movement related issues at the United Nations, GATE supports Civil Society Organization- (CSO)-led submissions to key human rights mechanisms, including the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW),  Special Procedures, Independent Experts and others. GATE also submits responses to these mechanisms on behalf of our communities.


Gender Ideology – what is it?

October 2, 2020

This video provides an overview of what gender ideology is and how it is being used by anti-gender movements as a tool to oppress the human rights of trans and gender diverse communities.

LGBTI and Feminist Movements: Pushing back on the Pushback

November 6, 2020

This event was held as part of the 26th Scientific Symposium under the topic of Law, Policy, and Ethics, focusing on the rights of trans and gender diverse people under attack as a result of anti-gender movements, gender ideology and the repathologization of our communities.

Building Collective Resistance: a trans conversation on anti-gender movements

December 15, 2020

This virtual conversation exposes and shares the analysis of the current situation regarding protection of the human rights of trans and gender diverse communities, maps ongoing conflicts faced from the anti-gender movements, and identifies opportunities for solidarity and resistance.

Construyendo la resistencia colectiva: una conversación trans sobre movimientos anti-género

December 16, 2020

Esta conversación virtual expone y comparte el análisis de la situación actual con respecto a la protección de los derechos humanos de las comunidades trans y de género diverso, mapea los conflictos en curso que enfrentan los movimientos antigénero e identifica oportunidades para la solidaridad y la resistencia.

Trans People’s Human Rights Under Attack – WPATH 2020 Mini Symposia

November 17, 2021

This global, diverse, cross-regional event discusses the conclusions of the IE SOGI’s two reports on gender, bringing together state representatives and civil society members to speak to the challenges and opportunities created by the crises we face today, and to share reflections on the importance of inclusive and intersectional feminist LGBTI mobilization.

Challenges, Impact, Opportunities: Global anti-gender mobilizing

April 26, 2022

The first of two webinar in discussion with global activists on the impact of anti-gender mobilizing on trans and gender diverse activism at the international level, the challenges posed by these groups, as well as new opportunities for TGD activists planning international advocacy efforts.

Comparative analysis of regional anti-gender mobilizing & trans and gender diverse activism

April 28, 2022

The second of two webinars, focusing on regional anti-gender mobilizing against trans and gender diverse activism, the challenges posed by these groups, as well as new opportunities for TGD activists in planning cross-regional advocacy efforts.

Anti-Gender Opposition to trans and gender diverse (TGD) rights in Asia-Pacific Region

November 2, 2022

Discussion on the impact of anti-gender mobilizing on trans and gender diverse activism in the Asia-Pacific region, the challenges posed by these groups as well as new opportunities for TGD activists.

The Impact of Human Rights Mechanisms on Trans Rights

May 25, 2023

This webinar presents the main findings from GATE’s report The Impact of Regional and International Human Rights Mechanisms on Trans Rights: A Review, discussing how different regional and international human rights mechanisms are dealing with gender identity-related issues.


There is a lack of comprehensive insight on how the anti-gender movement is impacting the lives of trans and gender diverse people across the globe. These articles provide an attempt to bridge that gap with opinion pieces written by trans and gender diverse people, creating a space to foster critical dialogue, encouraging the sharing of knowledge/experience/best practices to support one another’s work, and providing an opportunity to raise awareness on some of the issues that might have been overlooked in existing discussions.