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Call for Applications – Working Group on Trans Depath

In May 2019, the World Health Assembly finally approved the ICD-11. It was an historic victory for the trans and gender diverse movement, in which all psycho-pathologizing categories were deleted from the ICD-11 and new categories were introduced into a newly created chapter on Conditions Related to Sexual Health.

The implementation process doesn’t start until 2022 but, in the meantime, there is still much work to be done, and more importantly, there is still much to be gained.

Our aims are:

  • Getting rid of the category Gender Incongruence of Childhood.
  • Transforming the ICD-11 language on trans and gender diverse issues.
  • Ensuring full access to gender affirming procedures under public, private and mixed health coverage systems.
  • Introducing trans and gender diverse issues into Universal Health Coverage.
  • Dismantling bodily, expressive and gender binaries in the ICD-11 and other psycho-medical classifications (e.g. DSM V).
  • Depathologizing gender identity laws and other regulations conditioning access to rights to diagnoses.
  • Documenting human rights violations on the basis of pathologization.
  • Affirming the right to truth, reparations and rehabilitations for all victims of human rights violations based on pathologization.
  • Advocating for rapid and comprehensive country implementation of ICD-11 Chapter on Conditions Related to Sexual Health (Chapter 17).
  • Ensuring adequate training for health providers on ICD-11 Chapter 17.
  • Mobilizing our communities to advance depathologization.

On this International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization, GATE is opening a call for applications to participate in our International Working Group on Trans and Gender Diverse Depathologization – TGDepath.

Applications are closed.