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Naomhán O'Connor


INTERSTATES-OF-THE-ART is a collection of art pieces requested from intersex artivists. This collection is a chance to gather intersex artivists perpectives and agendas around intersex politics and arts and to highlight intersex artists personal statements of art.

Intersex Joint Civil Society Statement – HRC51

In a statement during HRC51, we called on the Human Rights Council to address human rights violations against intersex persons, and on States to ban harmful interventions against them.

Farewell, Max!

After almost 3 year of working with GATE I’m heading towards some new endeavors to advocate for and to raise the visibility of our wonderful community

PRESS RELEASE: GNP+ launches “Not A Criminal” campaign against discriminatory laws 

As part of the “Not A Criminal” Campaign, organizations are demanding countries replace bad laws with evidence-based legislation to protect our communities from criminalization, discrimination and gender-based violence, and support the creation of independent human rights institutions. Additionally, the campaign calls on United Nations agencies and donors to develop strong, coordinated, and high-profile mechanisms to monitor progress on these member states’ commitments.