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C19RM Community Engagement Webinar


Community Engagement in Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Funding Process

DATE: 29 April 2021 – 15:00 CET


You can download all resources relating to this webinar here.

GATE, GNP+, INPUD, MPACT, NSWP and LAC Regional Platform are hosting a joint webinar to discuss how communities can meaningfully engage in the Global Fund COVID 19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Funding Process.

This webinar is being hosted in response to the urgent nature of the C19RM funding process. A member of The Global Fund will provide an introduction to the C19RM funding processes, followed by a discussion on community engagement from Key Population representatives on why to participate, how to engage and what to prioritise. A regional platform representative will then present on Technical Assistance (TA) requests and the webinar will end with an interactive Q&A session.


Gilles Cesari – Global Fund
Johnny Tohme – MPACT
Mick Matthews – NSWP
Anuar Luna Cadena – LAC Platform


Erika Castellanos – GATE

More information

ICASO, GATE, APCASO/APCRG and LAC Regional Platform created a 5-step document as an urgent response to the second phase of C19RM to ensure meaningful community engagement in the process. The Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) supports countries to respond to COVID-19 in mitigating its impact on HIV, TB, and malaria programs and strengthening health and community systems.

Furthermore, GATE, NSWP, MPACT and INPUD created a Key Population guide to engaging in C19RM which you can download here.