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Call for expressions of interest (paid opportunity): Opinion articles on anti-gender mobilizing against trans and gender diverse groups

GATE is seeking expressions of interest from trans and gender diverse activists to write an opinion piece on their experience of countering anti-gender movements in their national context. Persons selected will be given 2 weeks to write an article of up to 1000 words, to be submitted to GATE for editing. This article will be published on GATE’s website with full attribution to the author. This is a paid opportunity of US$150 per article.

In this round of calls, we will only be able to select 4 contributions. In particular, we are keen to receive applications from the following regions, although applications from other regions will also be considered:

  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Caribbean

The aim of these articles is to further enrich our webpage with diverse discussions and to create a space for knowledge exchange among trans and gender diverse activists. We hope to foster critical dialogue and the sharing of knowledge/experience/best practices to support one another’s work and to raise awareness on some of the issues that might have been overlooked in existing discussions.

GATE welcomes expressions of interest for submission of opinion articles on any topic under trans and gender diverse activism in relation to anti-gender opposition for publication on its webpage. We are specifically looking for opinion pieces by contributors with activist and/or lived experience expertise on any issue relating to anti-gender mobilizing against trans and gender diverse activism, tactics used by anti-gender groups, as well as tactics used by trans, gender diverse, LGB and other supportive/ally movements (i.e. what has worked and what has not). 

We particularly welcome submissions that use accessible language with minimal academic or activist jargon. Submissions may be edited for content and style. Please note that you will be expected to hyperlink all sourcing materials in your article (facts, figures, etc.). Submissions must be exclusively to GATE, in English or Spanish, and should be no longer than 1000 words. We will not consider articles sent to other publications or posted elsewhere online, including on a personal blog. You will be obligated to inform us if your article is published elsewhere prior to publication on GATE’s website.

Initially, we will be accepting expressions of interest (CLOSED), which includes requests for the following information:

  • Your full (preferred) name and pronouns
  • Your email address (so we can contact you)
  • How you identify
  • Your country of origin and where you are living now (if different)
  • Your organizational affiliation (if relevant)
  • A short biography detailing your experience relating to issues of anti-gender mobilizing against trans and gender-diverse activism
  • A short abstract (150 words maximum) for your opinion piece. This should be an outline of what you intend to include in your article. Do NOT include the full article.
  • If you require your article to be published anonymously on our website, there will be an option to tick a box to specify this. The safety of activists is our highest priority. We will be in contact with you to discuss this, if your expression of interest is selected.

Please bear in mind that many factors affect whether an expression of interest is selected for publication online, including regional balance, the quality of the author’s critical and innovative thinking and writing, timeliness, and relevance. You need not possess any special expertise to have your article considered for publication. 

Please take note of the timeline below, as successful applicants will have to adhere to this timeline if selected:

  • 28 September 2022: Expressions of interest applications open
  • 14 October 2022: Expressions of interest applications closed
  • 17-21 October 2022: Selected applicants contracted by GATE to write an article
  • 30 October 2022: Deadline to submit article to GATE for editing
  • 4 November 2022: Final sign-off of article

We look forward to receiving your expressions of interest!