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Call for applications: Graphic & Publication Layout Designer

Designer will be contracted to design three publications, plus additional (duplicate) designs for Spanish and Russian language translations of the same publications, within a 3-month period.

Call for applications: Consultancy on Resource Mobilization

DEADLINE: 25 May 2020
Consultant will develop a curriculum and virtual training guide on proposal and concept note development taking into consideration realities, needs and specificities of the transgender and intersex communities.

Call for applications: Consultancy on Gender ideology-based violence against trans people in Central Europe

DEADLINE: 20 March 2020
The main goal of this consultancy is to produce a meaningful contribution to trans and gender diverse organizing with the purpose of: increasing critical knowledge on how “gender ideology” is used to attack trans and gender diverse people and their human rights in Central Europe; strengthening trans and gender activists’ capacity to organize successfully and to participate meaningfully in broader coalitions against attacks based on “gender ideology”; and expanding trans and gender diverse political mobilization on legal depathologization.

Call for applications: Consultancy on Gender Ideology

Map current dynamics in the field, facilitate and/or participate in related global initiatives, design and produce specific materials (e.g., briefings, statements, toolkits) and contribute to GATE ‘s overall institutional strategy.

Call for applications: Consultancy on Resourcing Change

Represent GATE in diverse processes related to access to funding for trans, gender diverse and intersex movements, map current challenges and opportunities to increase available support, provide expert advice on fundraising strategies and contribute to GATE’s overall institutional strategy.