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grey background with pieces of GATE's asterisc colorful logo and the text: We, the intersex people from the Global South, Asia Edition.

We, the intersex people from the Global South, Asia

GATE invited participants from five different countries of Asia to share their experiences and projects on intersex matters, discussing the trajectories of intersex-led movements in the Global South.

black frame and white background, GATE and United Nations and Belize Trans Colors logos. The text: Submission UPR

Belize Trans Colors’ Submission to the UN UPR

GATE provided technical support to Belize Trans Colors (BTC) submission to the 4th cycle of UPR for Belize. Find more about their challenges and what they recommended.

GATE logo with the text: Erika Castellanos is officially a Member of the UNAIDS (logo) Global Council on Inequality, ADIS and Pandemics. Below there is an image of Erika

Inequality and pandemics: the central role of Trans and Gender Diverse Community-led organizations in combating current and future health threats

GATE Executive Director, Erika Castellanos, has been appointed as a member of the newly formed Global Council on Inequality, AIDS, and Pandemics. Internationally, there is increasing awareness that inequality is a driver of global pandemics. Community-led organizations must be at the center of health interventions and human rights advocacy to effectively combat current and future health threats.