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Anti-Gender Movement

GATE’s work on countering the anti-gender movement

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GATE Submission to the UN IE SOGI

GATE provided input to UN IE SOGI on his Country Visit to UK highlighting concerns on impact of anti-gender opposition to trans & gender diverse communities.

Graphic for trans liberation article

Trans Liberation: Strategies for Systemic Change beyond Carceral Activism

This article written by Leavn Berieanidze explores activist strategies that critically analyze transphobia and white cis-hetero-patriarchy and how these are reproduced, with a focus on transforming these institutions, have a greater potential to bring about desired systemic and sustainable change than enacting hate crime legislation.

Survey on Community Capacity Needs – CLOSED

We need your input into our capacity needs survey (5 mins)! Seeking responses from trans, gender diverse, intersex and wider LGBTQI+ activists and organizations!