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eLearning Courses

Promotional graphic for GATE's training on HIV Advocacy Planning

eLearning: HIV Advocacy Planning

Develop organizational HIV advocacy plans for trans and gender diverse communities and people living with HIV.

Promotional graphic for Community Needs Assessment training

eLearning: Community Needs Assessment

Develop and implement a community-based assessment to identify, document and justify the needs of trans and gender diverse communities in the national HIV response.

Graphic promoting GATE's HIV Community-led monitoring training

eLearning: HIV Community-Led Monitoring

Examine and utilize community-led monitoring techniques for national trans organizations to act as watchdogs in the implementation of country level HIV responses.

GATE eLearning Institute Safety, Security and Wellbeing for Activists

eLearning: Safety, Security and Wellbeing for Activists

Analyze and develop a wide range of safety, security and wellbeing techniques for trans activists and organizations to implement in the development of an organizational safety, security and wellbeing plan.

Promo image for GATE grant writing training

eLearning: Grant Proposal Writing

Understand, gather and develop organizational materials to create effective grant proposals for funding applications. Master the different steps in developing a successful grant proposal.