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Strengthening Community Engagement in Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 

The Strengthening Communities’ Engagement in Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 workshop aimed to enhance the capacities of Key Population communities to effectively engage in GC7 funding cycle processes and support the implementation of GF Strategy 2023-2028. 

cover page biennial report 2020 2021

Biennial Report 2020 + 2021

Find out about GATE’s work and our impact in 2020 and 2021. Read our biennial report!

Graphic for trans liberation article

Trans Liberation: Strategies for Systemic Change beyond Carceral Activism

This article written by Leavn Berieanidze explores activist strategies that critically analyze transphobia and white cis-hetero-patriarchy and how these are reproduced, with a focus on transforming these institutions, have a greater potential to bring about desired systemic and sustainable change than enacting hate crime legislation.

Trans Awareness Week 2022 graphic with fists held into the air

Trans Awareness Week 2022

Trans Awareness Week, held annually from 13-19 November, aims to increase the visibility of issues that trans and gender diverse communities face across the world.

Promotional graphic for GATE's training on HIV Advocacy Planning

eLearning: HIV Advocacy Planning

Develop organizational HIV advocacy plans for trans and gender diverse communities and people living with HIV.

Promotional graphic for Community Needs Assessment training

eLearning: Community Needs Assessment

Develop and implement a community-based assessment to identify, document and justify the needs of trans and gender diverse communities in the national HIV response.

Graphic promoting GATE's HIV Community-led monitoring training

eLearning: HIV Community-Led Monitoring

Examine and utilize community-led monitoring techniques for national trans organizations to act as watchdogs in the implementation of country level HIV responses.