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eLearning: Community Needs Assessment

Promotional graphic for Community Needs Assessment training

GATE has partnered with IRGT to provide this training for global trans and gender diverse activists to conduct a community needs assessment.

Trans and gender diverse communities are often overlooked in the national HIV response. In order to address this gap, a community needs assessment, developed by and for the community, can be used to identify, document and justify areas and strategies for improvement to address the needs of trans and gender diverse communities.

Topics covered in this training include examining the importance of community empowerment, learning how to analyze the data gathered in order to set priorities and generate recommendations, and identifying the key stakeholders to target when advocating for change.

This is an open-access course designed to provide trans and gender diverse activists with the knowledge required to conduct a community needs assessment.

Here is an overview of the five key areas that you will explore in this training:

  • Community empowerment and the importance of including trans and gender diverse-led organizations in the design and implementation of interventions in the HIV response.
  • Designing a community needs assessment.
  • Documenting and justifying community needs using the results of your assessment to set priorities and generate recommendations.
  • Identifying stakeholders within your national health system.
  • Conducting a community consultation.

These short video sessions have been carefully designed for you to share with members of your organization. They are easy to follow to ensure accessibility for everyone.