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Farewell, Max!

After almost three years of working with GATE, we say farewell to Max Appenroth, who has left their post as GATE’s Research & Community Sexual Health Officer to pursue new avenues and opportunities in their career. Max’s expertise on STI and HIV prevention and care in trans & gender diverse communities has been invaluable to GATE’s work in this area. In particular, Max’s played a leading role in growing the International Transmasculine and HIV Working Group from its humble beginnings at the AIDS 2018 conference.

“After almost 3 year of working with GATE I’m heading towards some new endeavors to advocate for and to raise the visibility of our wonderful community. During my time at GATE I have immensely grown as an activist, professional in Public Health, and as a person and I’m more than grateful for the guidance and the numerous learning opportunities through our shared effort at GATE. My colleagues and I have somewhat grown together as a little “family” and I’m sure this bond will continue in the future. I’m certainly going to miss this careful and appreciative work environment and I’m very proud of how far GATE has come in recent years!”

Max Appenroth

Good luck, Max!