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Fundraise for GATE

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Are you thinking about fundraising for GATE?

Below is a compilation of resources that include guidelines for the use of our branding and talking points on GATE’s work with resources that can be shared.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

If you ended up here by accident, or you just want to support our work without hosting a fundraiser, you can go to our donation page!

GATE Branding

GATE’s brand book is a reference document for using GATE trademarked branding, including logos, colors, fonts, and other design specifications. You can download it here or view it below.

GATE Talking Points

This document is a summary of what makes GATE unique and includes an overview of our work, facts about trans, gender diverse, and intersex communities, links to short videos that can be shared during your fundraiser, and recently published GATE resources. You can download it here or view it below.

GATE logos

To use our Logos, you can download the images and read our Guidelines for Usage below.

GATE color logo with black text
GATE black logo
GATE color logo with white text
GATE logo in white with white text

General Guidelines

  • If you’ve formally partnered with us on an individual basis, we have or will provide terms for your use of our logo. Otherwise, we expect you to abide by the following guidelines whenever you use our logo. If we think that your use of our logo is in violation of any of our agreements with you or these guidelines, or if we feel that your use isn’t in GATE’s best interest, we can revoke your right to use our logo at any time.
  • Your use of our logo shouldn’t suggest any sponsorship or endorsement by us, unless we’ve explicitly agreed to such use in writing.
  • You shouldn’t use our logo in a way that might confuse it with other brands.
  • Do not combine, overlap, or otherwise mix our logo with any other logo, images, or terms (including your logo).
  • Do not change the color or aspect ratio of our logo.
  • Do not associate our logo with any vulgar, obscene, indecent or unlawful material.
  • Do not use our logo when making social media accounts or in any advertising or marketing campaigns.
  • Do not use our logo on any product or merchandise without our explicit approval.

Guidelines for Fundraising Streams

  • For charity streams, GATE is registered on Tiltify
  • Make note of our logo usage and trademark policy.
  • Feel free to direct people to our Urgent Resources page for a list of emergency funding, material and advocacy support, if needed: Urgent Resources.
  • Please do not imply that you have partnered with us or that we are working together unless this has been explicitly agreed in writing.
  • Remember that we are a global trans, gender diverse and intersex organization and you are acting as a role model by streaming – keep it inclusive and supportive.
  • Avoid using stigmatizing language, speaking negatively about trans, gender diverse or intersex people or anyone’s personal experiences.
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions about using our logo, feel free to reach out to us.