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Erika Castellanos appointed as GATE’s new Executive Director

Monday, 12 December 2022 – GATE is delighted to announce that after an extensive recruitment process, Erika Castellanos has been appointed as the new Executive Director.

Picture of Latina woman looking at camera with flowers in her hair and wearing a flower print top

Erika’s capacity to lead GATE has been cemented through her tireless work over the past 9 months in her appointment as Interim Executive Director, which she took on in addition to her Director of Programs role. Her deep knowledge of the organization’s programmatic work, operational capacity and institutional development has ensured that GATE has not only survived this leadership transition period, but has thrived.

In particular, her efforts in solidifying GATE’s position as a global leader in trans, gender diverse and intersex advocacy has been evidenced in the significant increase in partnerships and funding that she has acquired for the organization since March this year. 

“In these times of such rapidly shifting situations – devastating regional warfare, deteriorating global socio-economic conditions, the onslaught of health epidemics, shrinking funding landscapes, and the outright attacks we face from an aggressive anti-gender movement – Erika has not only managed to keep GATE afloat but successfully led it to a more robust position all round. 

On behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Erika Castellanos will officially take the helm as Executive Director of GATE, effective from January 1st, 2023.  With her proven track record of dedication, motivation, and innovation, I look forward to the continued positive impact that GATE will make for our global trans, gender-diverse and intersex family.

As I extend my congratulations to Erika, I wish her a long and successful tenure in her position as Executive Director.”

Rikki Nathanson, Chair, GATE Board of Directors

Erika will start her new role as Executive Director on 1st January 2023, and a new Director of Programs will be appointed in her place. We look forward to working with our communities in 2023 and beyond to further our goal in ensuring that trans, gender diverse and intersex people can freely exercise their rights and enjoy the highest standard of health and well-being. 

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