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Human Rights Day 2019

Every year, on December 10th, Human Rights Day calls us to renew our commitment to human rights globally.

Ten years ago, GATE was formed to respond to that call.

Over the last decade, we have worked tirelessly to defend and promote human rights, and to ensure our identities, bodies and experiences are protected by human rights.

We have facilitated activists’ engagement with critical human rights processes at the United Nations while supporting their access to vital resources, and we have contributed to advancing depathologization while demanding our human rights to universal healthcare coverage, truth, justice and reparations.

Ten years on, we are living in a world that requires a stronger commitment than ever to human rights; a commitment to their universality, their indivisibility and their intersectionality, and to international solidarity bringing human rights defenders together worldwide.

Human Rights Day 2019 is the start of the celebrations for GATE’s 10-year anniversary.

From now to the end of 2020, we will share our celebration with you by inviting you to join us in our work to change the world.

Today, GATE is proud to announce the formation of a permanent International Advisory Board to oversee GATE’s work, to be composed of intersex, gender diverse and trans activists and our key allies.

Applications for GATE’s International Advisory Board are now closed.