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Intersex Bodies: Global South Alliances in Africa

GATE hosted a webinar to discuss the trajectories of intersex-led movements in the Global South, in its second iteration we had activists from the African region.

Intersex groups in the Global South are far less likely to receive funding, to have access to community initiatives and to regional and global entry points for policy advocacy, compared to groups in the Global North. The goal of this webinar is to provide a safe space for intersex movements and activists from the Global South to come together and discuss sex variations and intersex issues at the regional level.  


  • Crystal Hendricks, Intersex Rights Officer, Iranti
  • Mphatso Sakala, Executive Director, Intersex Society of Zambia
  • Obioma Chukwuike, Executive Director, Intersex Nigeria
  • Ronie Zuze, Executive Director, Intersex Community of Zimbabwe 
  • Fafali Akortsu, Co-founder/Programs and Operations Director of Key Watch Ghana and Executive Secretary at Intersex Ghana Movement.
  • James Karanja, Executive Director, Intersex Persons of Kenya