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Intersex Awareness Day (26 October) is an international observed occasion to bring sex variations and intersex issues to the public arena; to highlight intersex people’s human rights abuses and violations; advance societies’ comprehension while centering intersex people’s experiences. 

Intersex experiences have been surrounded by troubling silence. The endosex regime turned out to be spurious as it operates as a censor actor. Otherwise, it cannot exist. As a result, sex variations and the people with these traits still face challenges to appearing in public and to figure as a public in a number of public arenas, globally. There is very little interest in empowering intersex people in our societies, which makes the right to been seen an important issue of intersex groups and individuals. The 26th of October is an occasion to center this topic and allow it to appear before an audience as a political collective matter for public appreciation. Besides spreading the word and calling for change, this is a great time to fundraise and reach out to those interested in allyship. 


Every year, on the 26th of October, GATE shares a public statement in reference to the Intersex Day of  Awareness (IDoA). In 2022, we are revitalizing our efforts to deliver those statements to the public by centering artivism and intersex artivists. Art is an age-old practice to state positions while registering the statements of a particular time.

In that sense, GATE has been crafting a new public statement for IDoA 2022: INTERSTATES-OF-THE-ART is a collection of art pieces requested from intersex artivists. The artivist pieces, authors’ biographies and personal statements of art will compose a gallery, launched on IDoA 2022.

A state-of-the-art product can both summarize an issue and reveal a new agenda, while it can also be described as products of the authors’ own particular interpretation or a collection of their specific agendas. The collection of crafting Statements for IDoA 2022 is a chance to collect intersex artivists perpectives and agendas around intersex politics and arts and to highlight intersex artists personal statements of art.