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Report: Mapping Anti-Gender Movements in the UK

We’re delighted to share our new report on anti-gender mobilizing in the UK, which discusses the impact on trans and gender diverse people.

The project was focused on the United Kingdom (UK) as one of various global hotspots, where anti-gender movements have enjoyed increased efficacy in the past few years. GATE wished to know more about the actors involved, their approaches, impact, and responses GATE and others might offer. Wider mapping work by GATE and partners, was also undertaken in Spain (country research), and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean (regional research).

Over the past two decades, the UK has commonly performed amongst the best of states globally for its LGBTIQ+ citizens. This has set a strong example of a country which is accepting of LGBTIQ+ people and rights. Whilst this is still broadly the case, the UK’s record on trans and intersex equality is of increasing concern amongst LGBTIQ+ communities and advocates in the UK, and elsewhere.

Suggested citation:
GATE (2022) Mapping Anti-gender Movements in the UK. New York: GATE.

Design and Layout: Kira Xonorika