Meet our CRG-SI Partners 2021-2023

Over the next 3 years GATE will be working with 10 partners from 8 countries across 3 regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe and Central Asia under our Communities, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG-SI) 2021-2023 Project. This is the third project GATE is undertaking with the CRG-SI, the first taking place from 2017-2019, and the second as an extension of the first project into 2020.

There are three sub-objectives for GATE and our partners under the CRG-SI 2021-2023 Project:

  1. To amplify the participation and voice of key and vulnerable population communities in policy and decision-making fora and in governance and stewardship of the of the HIV/TB/malaria response
  2. To strengthen the influence of populations most vulnerable to and affected by HIV/TB/malaria on the design and implementation of national strategies and costed plans, so that they adequately reflect and respond to realities and needs associated with human rights, gender, community responses and community systems strengthening
  3. To empower populations most vulnerable to and affected by HIV/TB/malaria to generate and use data to monitor program coverage and quality and national commitments and to utilize the evidence generated for advocacy and programmatic action

Each partner has been given the freedom to choose what work they will be doing under these sub-objectives, ensuring that the project work reflects the realities of the situations facing trans and gender diverse people in their countries. The work that local and regional trans-led organisations do with their communities is incredible and deserves recognition on a global level, and our partners for the Communities, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative project 2021-2023 are no exception.

Below you can find profiles of our partners (more profiles will be added over the coming months). We encourage you to read their profiles, follow their social media accounts, and offer your support in whatever way you can. It is the organizations on the ground that work most closely with transgender communities globally, and who receive the least recognition for the hard work that they do on a day-to-day basis, often risking their lives to help others.

  • Meet FEM Alliance Uganda – CRG SI Partner

  • Meet JinSiangu Kenya – CRG SI Partner

  • Meet Men’s Health Cambodia – CRG SI Partner

  • Meet Sisters Foundation Thailand – CRG SI Partner

  • Meet Transbantu Association Zambia – CRG SI Partner

  • Meet TransVoice Indonesia – CRG SI Partner

Meet our CRG-SI Partners 2021-2023
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