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  • Intersex Movements

    Seeding intersex politics to reforest sex monoculture and root diverse resistance Intersex people are born with diverse sex characteristics. On that basis, they face persistent abuses and violations of their human rights. GATE works collaboratively at the global level to create a world free from human rights violations based on sex characteristics by transforming the… Read More »Intersex Movements

  • Anti-Gender Movements

    Jump to a section » Calls for participation · Resources · UN Submissions · Publications · Videos · Articles Countering anti-gender movement opposition to trans, gender diverse and intersex (TDGI) communities The anti-gender movement is an international movement which opposes what it refers to as gender ideology, gender theory, or genderism (Kováts, Eszter, 2016). GATE is focused on increasing the capacity of trans, gender diverse… Read More »Anti-Gender Movements

  • HIV

    Trans and gender diverse and intersex people are still disproportionately affected by HIV worldwide; however, our access to information, to resources and to decision-making continues to be extremely limited. GATE engages in the international HIV response by challenging this historic exclusion and creating new opportunities for meaningful participation. We do this through: Projects CRG Strategic… Read More »HIV

  • Depathologization

    Trans, gender diverse and intersex people have been historically pathologized by psycho-medical and legal institutions. GATE is working internationally to advance depathologization, while ensuring all people’s full access to legal gender recognition, gender affirming healthcare and its coverage. We are also advocating for many human rights violations to be recognized as rooted in pathologization (e.g.,… Read More »Depathologization