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Intersex Movements

Seeding intersex politics to reforest sex monoculture and root diverse resistance

Intersex people are born with diverse sex characteristics. On that basis, they face persistent abuses and violations of their human rights.

GATE works collaboratively at the global level to create a world free from human rights violations based on sex characteristics by transforming the landscape of global advocacy, knowledge creation and resource distribution. 

Reach out to GATE’s Intersex Program and join our conversation:

Join us and support intersex people and groups all around the world

Centering intersex people and communities, we platform powerful messages and amplify the call for effective change

GATE’s Intersex Program aims at engaging and securing broad participation of the people most affected by the disproportionate challenges and impacts imposed by the variations of their sex characteristics. Our programmatic and operational activities need permanent input and collaboration from intersex community members. 

If you are an intersex person or represent an intersex group willing to collaborate, reach out to us at



INTERSTATES-OF-THE-ART is a collection of art pieces requested from intersex artivists. The artivist pieces, authors’ biographies and personal statements of art compose a gallery, launched on IDoA 2022.

Intersex experiences have been surrounded by troubling silence. The endosex regime turned out to be spurious as it operates as a censor actor. Otherwise, it cannot exist. As a result, sex variations and the people with these traits still face challenges to appearing in public and to figure as a public in a number of public arenas, globally. There is very little interest in empowering intersex people in our societies, which makes the right to been seen an important issue of intersex groups and individuals.

A state-of-the-art product can both summarize an issue and reveal a new agenda, while it can also be described as products of the authors’ own particular interpretation or a collection of their specific agendas. The collection of crafting Statements for IDoA 2022 is a chance to collect intersex artivists perpectives and agendas around intersex politics and arts and to highlight intersex artists personal statements of art.


Nov 3, 2022
Graphic promoting Liah Ribeiro's work

Liah Ribeiro is a multidisciplinary artist, art producer, trans and intersex. Graduated in visual arts from the University of Campinas, has been working in gender…


Nov 2, 2022
Graphic promoting Adiós Al Futuro artwork

Adiós Al Futuro (She/Her) México Researcher, photographer, lighting designer, video artist, concept artist, intersex artivist and VJ. Her work is developed between the visual, scenic…


Oct 27, 2022
Graphic promoting Cult of Rae artwork

Rae Smith (they/them) London, UK Rae is an intersex, trans, non binary artist and activist from London, UK. Working across multiple disciplines, their work calls…

We, the intersex people from the Global South…

Activists from six different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean finish the sentences:

We, the intersex people from the Global South, are…

We, the intersex people from the Global South, demand…

It’s time to prioritize intersex mental health

Intersex-competent health services are foundational human rights. Awareness starts with communities uplifting and empowering each other at every step.

Taking care of our mental health is essential to move forward.

💛 Support intersex people today, and everyday 💜

In Conversation

Intersex People and Sexual Rights

Intersex people face persistent abuses and violations of their sexual rights globally.

This video presents a brief review of the main aspects of intersex people’s lived experiences regarding their sexual rights while raising awareness regarding that issue in broader sexual rights debates.

This lecture was presented by GATE’s Intersex Program Officer, Vidda Guzzo, at the Internations AIDS Conference 2022 in Montreal, Canada.

August 2, 2022

Intersex Thoughts: Expert Panel on the Mental Health of Intersex People

Intersex people face persistent and disproportionate challenges regarding their wellbeing, including physical and mental health. To call attention to this situation, GATE and ILGA World hosted a virtual panel focused on highlighting challenges, recommendations and priorities regarding the mental health of intersex people.

This discussion focused on the impact of human rights violations on intersex people and their mental health, featuring Irene Kuzemko [OII Europe], Adeline Berry [Intersex Ireland], Katharine Dalke [Penn State University], Hiker Chiu [Intersex Asia] and Eli Rubashkyn [ILGA World].

October 10, 2022

Intersex Bodies, Global South Alliances

Intersex groups in the Global South are far less likely to receive funding, to have access to community initiatives and to regional and global entry points for policy advocacy, compared to groups in the Global North.

This webinar series aims to provide a safe space for intersex movements and activists from the Global South to come together and discuss sex variations and intersex issues at the regional level.

Asia Edition

May 3, 2023

Africa Edition

September 22, 2022


Intersex Rights at the United Nations

Intersex Joint Civil Society Statement – HRC51

Oct 3, 2022
Banner with logos for Intersex Human Rights at UN HRC51
In a statement during HRC51, we called on the Human Rights Council to address human rights violations against intersex persons, and on States to ban harmful interventions against them.

HRC51 | The right to health of intersex persons and protection from violence and harmful practices based on sex characteristics

Sep 26, 2022
intersex side event flyer HCR 51
This side event at HRC51 focused on the right to health of intersex persons and protection from violence and harmful practices based on sex characteristics.

Press Release: Protect intersex persons’ rights, 33 States tell the United Nations

Oct 1, 2020
Press Release: Protect intersex persons’ rights, 33 States tell the United Nations
33 States call on investigating human rights violations and reverse discriminatory laws against intersex persons. “This is an historic step forward for intersex communities globally”, say civil society organisations.