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SURVEY: Urgently seeking experiences of trans engagement in NSP processes

Trans participants wanted!

GATE is urgently looking for trans and gender diverse activists to participate in a short online survey questionnaire to help us develop best practice guidelines on the inclusion of trans and gender diverse people in the development of HIV National Strategic Plans.

This is where you come in! If you identify as trans/gender diverse & have some knowledge or experience in the development and or implementation of HIV national strategic plans, please take part!

Completing this survey will take approximately 10 Mins. The deadline to complete this survey is 28th May 2021.

If you face any difficulties in completing this survey, please contact

“Your support will support us to increase the meaningful engagement of trans and gender diverse communities in NSP development processes.”

More information

In every country with available data, transgender populations are among the most at-risk groups for HIV. In 2017, global HIV prevalence among transgender people was approximately 13 times higher than among cisgender adults of reproductive age. Despite this, transgender populations are frequently not included in national data collection efforts or recognized by national governments as priority populations in their HIV responses.

As a result, meaningful inclusion of trans people in National Strategic Plans (NSPs) is rare, and this exclusion continues to contribute to poor HIV-related health outcomes among the population and to comparatively low levels of trans-specific funding and programming.

Donors are increasingly prioritizing funding for interventions that are included in NSPs, so justifying inclusion of priorities not aligned with NSPs is burdensome and challenging. As such, where it has been accomplished, inclusion of trans populations in NSPs has helped to increase both domestic and international funding for trans communities.

GATE seeks to address this exclusion gap by developing best practice guidelines to increase the meaningful engagement of trans people in the development of NSPs. The guidelines will be for the use of trans and gender diverse communities, as well as governments.

All information recorded is strictly confidential and will be stored within a protected database. By proceeding with the survey, you give your consent for GATE to collect data based on your responses. We thank you in advance for your contribution.