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Resources for trans, gender diverse & intersex communities, linking to key guidelines and updates from UN bodies

The Road to Hell: Intersex People, Sexual Health & Human Rights

For Intersex Day of Remembrance, we call upon the international community to join intersex-led efforts to put an end to human rights violations in medical settings and to make the right to truth, justice and reparations a reality for intersex people everywhere.

Press Release: International Classification of Diseases 11 and Intersex people

More than 50 intersex-led organisations and groups from every region of the world have signed a joint statement to the World Health Organization condemning the repathologisation of intersex variations as “disorders of sex development” in the WHO International Classification of Diseases 11 (ICD-11), and medical classifications that promote early surgical intervention to “fix” intersex bodies.

Intersex Awareness Day Statement 2018

Medical professionals: We call on you to question the current politics of evidence and their harmful consequences for intersex people around the world, and to ask yourselves question “Where is the evidence?” Intersex people: We call on you to share your experiences on Twitter from 26 October (Intersex Awareness Day) to 8 November (Intersex Day of Remembrance), using text, videos or photos, and to join in the conversation using the hashtag #IAmTheEvidence.

The Legal Status of Intersex Persons: Book

This book looks at law reform taking place around the world, with diverse perspectives from relevant fields, to provide the reader with a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of intersex persons and related issues.

GATE Intersex Statement on International Day of Families 2018

On International Day of Families, we call for recognition that families may include intersex infants, children or adults. We call for justice and an end to all forms of violence, torture and discrimination against children born with intersex variations.