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Liah Ribeiro is a Brazilian intersex artivist. His work Clitopênis detail n.1 is part of GATE’s INTERSTATES-OF-THE-ART digital exhibition for Intersex Day of Awareness 2022.

Intersex Bodies: Global South Alliances in Africa

GATE is hosting a webinar to discuss the trajectories of intersex-led movements in the Global South, in its second iteration we’re having activists from Africa

GATE Strategic Plan 2022-2026

GATE has developed its new Strategic Plan to improve and expand trans, gender diverse and intersex advocacy globally.

End Intersex Genital Mutilation

GATE joins the international community to demand an end to all forms of female and intersex genital mutilation!

COVID-19 Resources

Resources for trans, gender diverse & intersex communities, linking to key guidelines and updates from UN bodies