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Press Release

Protect Trans Women’s Rights – UN HRC47

In a historic first, today 27 States called on the UN Human Rights Council to urgently protect the human rights of trans people, especially trans women.

Intersex People and the Right to Truth

The right to truth is a key component of intersex people’s human rights. Read more about how you can support the intersex movement in our Right to Truth Briefing.

Press Release: International Classification of Diseases 11 and Intersex people

More than 50 intersex-led organisations and groups from every region of the world have signed a joint statement to the World Health Organization condemning the repathologisation of intersex variations as “disorders of sex development” in the WHO International Classification of Diseases 11 (ICD-11), and medical classifications that promote early surgical intervention to “fix” intersex bodies.

Press Release: Gender is not an illness

Today, GATE is very proud to release the publication Gender is not an illness. How pathologization violates human rights law. This paper was conceived and produced as a contribution to the ongoing process of depathologizing trans and gender diverse people through the reform of classification systems, legal frameworks and social attitudes. Read More »Press Release: Gender is not an illness