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Trans Day of Visibility

Image of two women looking into camera

Abhina Aher with GATE’s Director of Programs, Erika Castellanos, at WHO meeting on HIV & Universal Health Coverage. 22 March 2018

Trans Day of Visibility, commemorated annually on 31st March, celebrates the lives of trans and gender diverse people worldwide. For some, simply surviving is a celebration in and of itself, but our communities deserve so much more than to simply survive.

Trans and gender diverse people are parents, siblings, and extended family members, we are sex workers, we are creative and talented, we are migrants, we provide essential services to our local communities, we are HIV positive, we are partners in love and activism. As everybody else, we want to thrive and enjoy life in a world where human rights are a reality for all.

GATE has been working in partnership with trans and gender diverse communities for the past 10 years, promoting HIV inclusion, fuelling depathologization, supporting political mobilization, contributing to movement building, advancing socio-economic justice and advocating at the United Nations.

Through this collective work, we have engaged with many incredible individuals who are working to dismantle structural, institutional and social barriers that lead to stigma, discrimination and violence towards trans and gender diverse people.

We are pleased to announce a series of weekly articles from trans and gender diverse activists across the globe, the first written by Abhina Aher, Associate Director of the Gender Sexuality Team of the India HIV/AIDS Alliance.