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Thank you, Dave!

David Scamell is stepping down as Board Co-Chair

David Scamell has worked in global LGBTI development and philanthropy for more than a decade, having a strong commitment to increasing resources available for LGBTI activists and organizations, particularly in the trans and intersex movement. Having worked alongside GATE for many years, he joined the GATE Board in 2015 and has been the Co-Chair since 2016. Today, he is stepping down from this role, after 6 years of leadership.

GATE plays a vital role in ensuring that trans and intersex voices are heard by decision-makers at the centre of international policy, programming and grantmaking. GATE brings both its own policy and programmatic expertise as well as those of its partners within the trans and intersex movements to international processes that impact the lives of trans and intersex people around the world.

David Scamell

David has played an integral role in building GATE’s strength as a global organization, we celebrate his commitment to uplifting trans, gender diverse and intersex voices everywhere, and we wish him success in this next steps. Rikki Nathanson, former Board Secretary will be stepping up as Board Co-Chair.