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Transitions at GATE

Dear Friends-

We are excited to share some important updates about Global Action for Trans* Equality with you. As we previously announced, Justus Eisfeld recently left GATE to pursue other opportunities. Given Justus’ tremendous contribution to GATE’s work, his departure undoubtedly represents a political and institutional challenge for us. However, this transition also presents an opportune moment for building a renovated and stronger version of GATE.

Since we formed the organization in 2009, GATE has played a key role introducing trans* issues at the international level, promoting meaningful trans* involvement in international processes, advocating for the expansion of available funds to support trans* activism, and producing and sharing critical knowledge on trans* issues.

Now it’s time for GATE’s own transition process.

Over the following year we’ll be building GATE into a bigger and more diverse organization. After six years as a fiscally sponsored project of the Astraea Foundation, GATE will become an independent, trans*-led organization by the end of 2015 and will expand its global programs. This is an exciting time of change and growth for us.

Mauro Cabral will continue to serve as Co-Director and will focus on leading and expanding GATE’s programs and advocacy. In addition, we have recruited Masen Davis as Interim Co-Director to help with the transition process. A trans activist for more than fifteen years, Masen has been part of the GATE family since its inception, and brings strong nonprofit management, advocacy, and fundraising expertise to the organization. Masen recently stepped down as Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center, which grew to become a $2.1 million organization under his leadership. He will focus on GATE’s organizational development, including operations and fundraising. Don’t hesitate to reach out and welcome him at (Updated 25/01/2021 – contact no longer available).

In the coming months, we look forward to bringing on additional staff, expanding the Board of Directors, and unveiling a new strategic plan. Please let us know if you have questions or comments about this process. We appreciate your support!

In solidarity,

Tamara Adrian, President, Board of Directors

Mauro Cabral, Co-Director, Programs & Advocacy