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Welcome to the GATE team, Anwar!

GATE is excited to announce our new Movement Building Program Lead, Anwar!

Anwar Ogrm brings 15 years of experience working in the feminist, trans, decolonial and social justice movements as a trans Muslim advocate from the Global North. Join us in welcoming him!

Photo of man named Anwar, smiling and looking sideway. He is wearing glasses, a white shirt on top of a red shirt and a necklace.

Anwar (he/him) is based in Paris, France and is joining GATE as our Movement Building Program Lead.

Before joining GATE, Anwar lived in Berlin, Germany, where he worked for the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ), and Transgender Europe (TGEU) and held a wide range of positions from Community Building intern to acting co-Director.

The core of his expertise lies in community and capacity building, organizational development, and cross-movement engagement.

Prior to working in the nonprofit sector, he worked as a child and youth worker and mainly worked with kids from working class and migrant descent.

Anwar is fluent in French and English, and has a decent level of German and Moroccan dialect.

In his spare time, he is a sexual health peer-counselor and trainer for local trans organizations. He also trains in French pastry and is the proud uncle of several queer babies and kids. 

“After working for several years at national and regional levels, I am excited to learn more from and contribute to strengthening the global trans movement as GATE’s Movement Building Program Lead. Movement building has always been a core focus of GATE’s mission. As the only international organization focused on gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics, GATE holds a unique position in bridging money to our under-sourced movement and providing capacity building support to our communities.

While GATE’s movement building work was previously split across other areas of work, I now have the exciting responsibility to uphold it and channel it into one ambitious and empowering programmatic area. There is so much to be done! Financial and technical support will keep on being core priorities, alongside resource mobilization and networking. At the end of the day, one outcome matters the most to me: community leadership and ownership. So I am very much looking forward to hearing about your suggestions and bold ideas – always feel free to reach out, my door is open!”

Anwar Ogrm

To contact Anwar, please write to