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Welcoming Kira to our team!

We’re excited to announce that the GATE family is expanding! We welcome Kira Xonorika, who is joining us as our new Communications Assistant.

Kira is a non-binary activist from Paraguay. Over the last decade, they have been engaged in depathologization and economic justice advocacy at the local, regional, and international levels.

Before joining GATE, Kira served as Co-founder and member of Transitar Paraguay and Regional Representative of Divas Nos Queremos. They have recently been involved in the Generation Equality process and given lectures on trans epistemic rights and economic justice at different Universities and Institutions.

They can be reached at We’re very proud to have Kira with us, and we invite you to join us in welcoming them to our team!

Photo credit: Pasión González

Kira Xonorika (she/they) is a non-binary writer, artist, and researcher based in Asunción, Paraguay. Kira joined GATE in January 2021 as our Communications Assistant.

Kira has worked in communications and has advocated for economic justice and access to technology for trans people in the Global South. She has been a guest lecturer in various universities and institutions, including Cambridge and the United Nations. In her academic work, she discusses the politics surrounding the representation of trans bodies in visual arts and media. 

She is an Outright Beijing +25 Fellow and holds a Degree in Visual Arts.

Kira speaks fluent English and Spanish and has an advanced understanding of Portuguese. They’re currently learning German and code.