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World Bank: Pause Loans to Uganda

Colorful background image with the text: World Bank Stop loans for hate. Uganda

Call on World Bank President Ajay Banga to Stop lending over Uganda’s deadly anti-LGBTQ+ bill

No Lending for Uganda Until #RepealAHA23

On June 15, 170 organizations from around the world, led by Ugandan human rights activists, wrote to World Bank President Ajay Banga with the urgent request to pause current and future grants and loans, until Uganda’s deadly anti-LGBTQ+ bill is repealed. 

Continuing lending to Uganda would violate the World Bank’s own Board-mandated policies around protection of human rights, preventing discrimination, and safeguarding vulnerable communities. 

The World Bank has been reviewing Uganda’s loan program and carried out a mission in Kampala to gather more information. They have said they will not advance any loan or grant while their review is underway. But after more than a month, they still have not made a decision. 

Ten years ago, the World Bank President Jim Kim paused a $90 million loan over Uganda’s earlier 2014 anti-LGBTQ+ law because of discrimination—this action helped bring about nullification of the law in Uganda’s Constitutional Court. 

Time is running out. Enforcement of the law has led to a spike in violence, persecution, and the denial of essential services like HIV treatment and prevention. The law is being challenged in Uganda’s Constitutional Court. Action by organizations like the World Bank send a strong message to President Museveni about the consequences of retrogressive laws that further erode human rights in Uganda.    

Do you want to help and spread the Call on World Bank President Ajay Banga to immediately suspend current and future World Bank lending to Uganda?

1. Post on social media 

Here are sample messages to use for social media: 

“Doing what is right isn’t easy. @WorldBank President #AjayBanga, @CFE_Uganda & >170 groups are calling on you to stop #Uganda lending until the repeal of its anti-LGBTQ+ law. Your board-mandated policies demand it but more than that, it’s what’s right. #RepealAHA23 🇺🇬”

“@WorldBank President #AjayBanga you’ve said diversity cannot be merely a “nice-to-have.” You must move from rhetoric to action. Stop lending to #Uganda 🇺🇬 until the repeal of its anti-LGBTQ+ law. Stop funding for hate, human rights violations, & bigotry. #RepealAHA23 @CFE_Uganda”

“@WorldBank President #AjayBanga you’ve said ‘the enemy of innovation is the absence of diversity.’ It’s time to walk the talk. Halt lending to #Uganda 🇺🇬until the repeal of its anti-LGBTQ+ law.  The whole world is watching. #RepealAHA23 @CFE_Uganda”

World Bank Accounts to tag in images and posts: 

Civil Society Accounts to tag: @CFE_Uganda 

Hashtags: #RepealAHA23 , #AjayBanga 

2. After you’ve posted, please share this call to action with your networks.

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