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SISTERS Foundation Thailand

Sisters Foundation is a transgender-focused community-based organization in Thailand that has provided health, education, and support services to the transgender community in the Pattaya region since 2004.

  • Published
  • 23 July 2021
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Transgender Support in Thailand

Sisters Foundation has a drop-in center where transgender women can receive health services, as well as an outreach team to reach women throughout the city. Of the 5,000 transgender women estimated to live in Pattaya, Sisters Foundation reaches 2,300. The Sisters programme is run by transgender people for transgender people, with most of the staff and volunteers coming from the community

The majority of the activities run by the Sisters Foundation involved promoting sexual health through social activities, linking up with transgender leaders who host these activities, mixing fun, friendship and health awareness. These non-threatening sessions attract community members who are generally reluctant to go to clinics. After dropping by for the social gatherings, participants make friends and start to use the many health services offered by the foundation, which include hormone replacement therapy counseling, HIV counseling and testing and HIV prevention.

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Priorities & Services


  • To advocate for legal gender recognition for transgender people in Thailand
  • To promote equal rights for trans people in Thailand
  • To advocate for social recognition and acceptance of transgender people and their human rights in Thailand
  • To develop a sexual and reproductive health guideline for transgender people with more comprehensive sexual healthcare, including reproductive health


  • Information services and counseling on specific issues for transgender women, such as hormone replacement therapy and transition-related surgeries
  • Access to safe sex education, information and services relating to general and sexual health and rights
  • Referral services for treatment for transgender women living with HIV
  • Free and confidential HIV, syphilis and STD testing services
  • Free provision of condoms and lubricants and information on PrEP