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Our Work

GATE is a global trans-led advocacy organization dedicated to advancing gender equality for all.

Trans activists from LAC and AP regions standing in a group smiling and looking at the camera GATE logo
© Trans activists at GATE’s multi-regional workshop in Peru, 2019

Nothing about us without us

Trans and gender diverse people have always existed. We have always been an intrinsic part of human history, shaping and enriching communities across the globe. We have been (and continue to be) embedded in communities, playing a central role in various aspects of society and contributing significantly to social, cultural, and spiritual practices. 

Yet, today, the lives of trans and gender diverse people are being threatened by anti-rights movements, frequently referred to as anti-gender movements. The anti-gender movements not only jeopardize the rights of trans and gender diverse individuals but also target women’s rights, the right to establish a family, and access to essential sexual health services, among others.

GATE advocates for equality and dignity for all, regardless of gender identity and expression. We coordinate the global trans movement, collaborating with trans-led organizations, strategic partners and allies, and key stakeholders at the global, regional, and national levels to ensure that our communities do not get left behind.

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Human Rights

Advancing the human rights of trans and gender diverse people is central to our work. 

GATE advocates for the inclusion of trans and gender diverse people in human rights frameworks at the global level. By engaging at the United Nations, we increase awareness and knowledge of our communities and collaboratively campaign for our rights with decision-makers at the highest levels of global governance.

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Advocating for health rights and access for trans and gender diverse people is crucial to our communities’ overall well-being.

GATE campaigns for greater community-led participation in health responses and for an end to human rights violations that drive health inequities. By engaging with technical and political processes at the global level, we challenge the historic exclusion of trans and gender diverse people from global health responses.

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Movement Building

Strengthening trans and gender diverse organizations is essential to building a self-sustaining movement.

GATE provides organizational training, technical and mentorship support to community leaders, and small grants to trans-led organizations at the national and regional levels. We also provide these organizations with access to international human rights mechanisms and decision-making spaces to lobby directly to key stakeholders, and we engage directly with donors to push for greater funding for our communities. By enhancing the capacity and resources of trans and gender diverse organizations and networks, we are handing our communities the tools for self-advancement and sustainability.

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