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About Us

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Our Mission…

GATE is an international advocacy organization working towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) communities.

Rooted in our movements, we work collaboratively with strategic partners at the international, regional, and national levels to ensure access to resources, knowledge, and decision-making spaces.

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Our Vision…

GATE envisions a world free from human rights violations based on gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics.

We aim to ensure that trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) people can enjoy their human rights and achieve the highest level of health and wellbeing possible.

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Our work is guided by our Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026

GATE focuses on advocating for the human rights of trans, gender diverse, and intersex people, while also playing a pivotal role in strengthening the global trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) movements through training, capacity building, resource mobilization and political mobilization. Additionally, GATE prioritizes its institutional strengthening to ensure that we can continue to grow and develop as the leading advocacy and expert organization advancing the rights, health, and well-being of trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) people in a sustainable way.

Founded in 2009 by Justus Eisfeld and Mauro Cabral Grinspan, today GATE remains the only international organization focused on issues relating to gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics. GATE is registered in the US as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, with all our staff working remotely.

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Our Values:

  • framing our work through depathologization and decolonization
  • promoting autonomy and self-determination
  • supporting and strengthening community-based leadership
  • working collaboratively and advocating collectively for human rights
  • creating transformative, community-driven knowledge
  • building international solidarity
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How we work:

  • advocacy, political mobilization, and campaigning
  • engagement with key institutions and initiatives
  • training and capacity building
  • resource mobilization, including financial and technical resources
  • knowledge production and generation, including data collection and analysis
  • re-granting to national and regional groups
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The following structure and working methods guide our institutional work:

  • We take pride in being an international organization that is led by trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) staff.
  • We work in a structure that emphasizes collaboration, trust, and responsibility in the pursuit of the achievement of our vision and mission.
  • We recognize that our sector is under-resourced and so seek to carefully manage our human and financial resources in the most efficient and effective ways possible.
  • We seek to attend to organizational and individual well-being, including learning and development.
  • We understand that we work in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, and that we need organizational agility and responsiveness.
  • As an international organization that is not membership-based, but seeks to be genuinely responsive to the needs and priorities of our communities, we emphasize high-quality, accessible, and regular communications through a variety of mediums.
  • We regularly seek formal and informal ways to solicit views, perspectives, and priorities from a diverse range of activists.