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Our mission

GATE is an international advocacy organization working towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex communities. Rooted in our movements, we work collaboratively with strategic partners at the global level to provide knowledge, resources and access to UN mechanisms and bodies.

GATE envisions  a world free from human rights violations based on gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. Our strategy is to transform the landscape of global advocacy, knowledge creation and resource distribution through critical inclusion of trans, gender diverse and intersex movements at all levels of political, legal and socio-economic processes.

Our values

  • supporting community-based leadership
  • promoting autonomy and self-determination
  • framing our work through depathologization and decolonization
  • working collaboratively and advocating collectively for human rights
  • solidarity with our communities internationally
  • creating transformative knowledge
  • fighting for justice on issues of race, geopolitics, climate, socio-economics, and sexual and reproductive reparations.

Founded in 2009 by Justus Eisfeld and Mauro Cabral Grinspan, GATE is registered in the United States of America as a non-profit organization, with all our staff working remotely. Our organization has two official languages: English and Spanish.

How we work

GATE works in strategic partnership with UN bodies and mechanisms, international human rights organizations, global funders and trans and intersex regional and national networks to advocate for and create opportunities to include of our communities in global decision-making processes.
Our organizational strategy is shaped by our board in consultation with trans, gender diverse and intersex partners, allies from different human rights movements and key experts in our specific fields of work.

We partner

with trans, gender diverse and intersex activists, organizations and networks; with allies in other movements (LGB, feminist, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, etc); with donors; with official agencies and academic institutions.

We advocate

at the international level, pushing for the full inclusion of trans, gender diverse and intersex issues in decision-making processes and for increased resources to fuel their work.

We research

and share critical knowledge on depathologization, HIV, funding and human rights, combining expert approaches with concrete strategies to make them accessible to all.

We support

and mentor trans, gender diverse and intersex activists, facilitating their access to technical and political processes at the international level.

We engage

in international conversations, initiatives and advocacy efforts to promote and defend human rights.

We train

and mentor trans and intersex activists to engage in global decision-making mechanisms, processes and bodies, and in organizational management.

We participate

in international working groups, meetings and conferences, inviting trans, gender diverse and intersex activists from around the world to attend and providing training to ensure they can participate fully.