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Hear from our partners, donors and community members about their experiences of working with GATE.
JoAnne Keatley IRGT 2020
  • Endorsement

There aren’t a lot of organizations that truly have a global focus when it comes to transgender-led organizations who are working on HIV and AIDS. So I think partnerships are really important, in particular, partnerships among trans organizations. Something that I’ve been really pleased with, partnering with GATE, is that we have been able to leverage resources, the limited resources that each of our organizations brings to the table, and we’ve been able to accomplish more with those limited resources than we would be able to accomplish by ourselves, supporting one another in the process.

– JoAnne Keatley | IRGT Chair

Annie Megnauth
  • Endorsement

Because of the GATE training and the technical assistance that we received after, I am ever more prepared and motivated to stand up for myself and the transgender community which I serve. I look forward to more training opportunities.

– Annie Savery | Guyana Trans United

Millie Milton | Guyana Trans United
  • Endorsement

As trans persons, we have the responsibility to educate ourselves on what is happening around us – how decisions impact our lives. Our experience with GATE provided us the opportunity to learn, plan and act in a manner that better serves the interest of our community.

– Millie Milton | Guyana Trans United

Latina woman looking into the camera with long black hair on a white background with GATE's logo
  • Endorsement

Being able to represent ourselves as trans individuals is very important because even though we may not possess degrees or have graduated from technical courses, we have fought to stand out so that our voices will be heard when we share about the realities that we experience on a daily basis as a community and as transgender persons. GATE is doing a great job in reaching out to the trans communities in the Caribbean region and helping small organizations like mine to build capacity and become more empowered.

– Mónica Ruiz | TEPA, Dominican Republic

Latino man with short cropped hair wearing a red and cream striped shirt looking down away from the camera smiling
  • Endorsement

When the workshop started, I thought to myself, ‘wow’… I had so many unanswered questions, and during the course of the workshop, they were raised and discussed openly. I am extremely grateful to have attended such an excellent workshop. I feel highly trained, and I have learned so much from GATE. Please continue to help our communities in any way possible. There is a lot of work still to be done, and every little bit helps!

– Xander Figueroa | COLESDOM, Dominican Republic