GATE campaigns globally for trans, gender diverse and intersex equality.

We give voice to and empower communities affected by issues of gender identity, sex characteristics and bodily diversity by creating critical knowledge, providing organizational resources and forging connections with UN bodies, networks and key organizations. 


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GATE believes in the emancipatory power of trans, gender diverse and intersex activists.

We provide our communities with support, technical capacity and knowledge to enable them to politically mobilize on issues of gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.


We produce and share critical knowledge, advocate for increased and more accessible funding for community-led efforts, monitor key international processes and facilitate community activists’ engagement with these processes.

We are committed to being fully accountable to our communities, to fighting for all forms of emancipation, justice and reparations, and to supporting activists’ development and wellbeing.


We are focused on the revision of trans, gender diverse and intersex codes in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) and on promoting depathologization through legal reform.

UN Advocacy

Advocating with the United Nations, other official institutions and many political allies on issues related to gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics in the context of the international human rights framework, and supporting trans, gender diverse and intersex activism at the UN

Movement Building

Movement Building and socioeconomic justice, advocating for trans, gender diverse and intersex access to funding, the creation of new funding sources, and the critical inclusion of gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity issues in the Sustainable Development Goals.


GATE engages in the international HIV response by challenging this historic exclusion and creating new opportunities for meaningful participation.

Socio-Economic Justice

Globally, trans, gender diverse and intersex communities are disproportionately affected by poverty, marginalized or excluded from basic rights such as education, employment, healthcare and sanitation. GATE addresses these issues in all our areas of work.

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