Photo of trans activists with the International Expert on SOGI, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, at the UN Trans Advocacy Week 2018 in Geneva.

GATE campaigns globally for trans,
gender diverse and intersex equality

GATE is an international advocacy organization working towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex communities. Rooted in our movements, we work collaboratively with strategic partners at the global level to provide knowledge, resources and access to UN mechanisms and bodies. We give voice to and empower communities affected by issues of gender identity, sex characteristics and bodily diversity by creating critical knowledge, providing organizational resources and forging connections with UN bodies, networks and key organizations. 

GATE envisions  a world free from human rights violations based on gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. Our strategy is to transform the landscape of global advocacy, knowledge creation and resource distribution through critical inclusion of trans, gender diverse and intersex movements at all levels of political, legal and socio-economic processes.

GATE believes in the emancipatory power of trans, gender diverse and intersex activists:

  • We provide our communities with support, technical capacity and knowledge to enable them to politically mobilize on issues of gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.
  • We produce and share critical knowledge, advocate for increased and more accessible funding for community-led efforts, monitor key international processes and facilitate community activists’ engagement with these processes.
  • We are committed to being fully accountable to our communities, to fighting for all forms of emancipation, justice and reparations, and to supporting activists’ development and wellbeing.

About Us

Founded by Mauro Cabral Grinspan and Justus Eisfeld, GATE has been working towards towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex communities since 2009.

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Our Work

GATE works collaboratively with strategic partners to advocate and create opportunities for inclusion of our communities in global decision-making processes.

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Across the world, our communities face discrimination, violence and often death as a result of marginalisation and stigma. Together we can help to change this reality.

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Latest News

  • Anti-gender mobilizing and global response webinars

    We are delighted to announce that GATE is organizing a series of webinars with global advocates working on anti-gender movements.

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  • The UK government fails to ban human rights abuses against trans and gender diverse communities

    Statement on the UK Government’s decision to allow the continued abuse of trans and gender diverse people with ”conversion therapy”

    The UK government has greenlit further exposure to cruel and damaging treatment to trans and gender diverse communities.

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  • There's a red ribbon with information from the survey.

    Research study: Transmasculine people and sexual health

    GATE and Columbia University invite transmasculine people to take part in a research study about sexual health.

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Latest Resources

  • The success and challenges of Global Fund C19RM in meeting the needs of Key Populations

    This Brief illustrates the extent of key populations’ support to participate in and influence Global Fund (GF) C19RMs in-country.

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  • Trans Inclusion in HIV National Strategic Plans

    These guides seek to address the exclusion gap by increasing the meaningful engagement of trans people in National Strategic Plan development.

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  • Depathologizing Gender Identity Through Law

    Processes of legal reform grounded in depathologization are being fiercely resisted by the anti-gender opposition. This paper intends to show that depathologizing gender identity through law is a valid and achievable goal.

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