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Photo of trans activists with the International Expert on SOGI, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, at the UN Trans Advocacy Week 2018 in Geneva.

GATE campaigns globally for trans,
gender diverse and intersex equality

Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE) is an international advocacy and expert organization focused on gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics. We work towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse, and intersex (TGDI) communities.

Rooted in our movements, we work collaboratively with strategic partners at the global level to provide access, knowledge, and resources.

GATE is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the USA.

About Us

Founded by Mauro Cabral Grinspan and Justus Eisfeld, GATE has been working towards towards justice and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex communities since 2009.

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Our Work

GATE works collaboratively with strategic partners to advocate and create opportunities for inclusion of our communities in global decision-making processes.

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Across the world, our communities face discrimination, violence and often death as a result of marginalisation and stigma. Together we can help to change this reality.

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Latest News

  • upport for civil society-led reporting to UN human rights mechanisms

    Support for civil society-led reporting to UN human rights mechanisms

    GATE is offering financial assistance to trans, gender diverse, and intersex-led (TGDI) organizations, to cover the fees associated with writing reports for submission to UN human rights mechanisms

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  • impacts trans and gender diverse Health Rights

    Examining the impact of anti-gender opposition on the health rights of trans and gender diverse people

    The session will illustrate the current anti-rights atmosphere and demonstrate how the anti-gender movement links inextricably to restrictions to healthcare access for trans and gender diverse people. Panelists will showcase how the growing anti-gender movement affects the response to HIV, harm reduction, and sexual and reproductive rights services overall.

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  • Text: Countering anti-western strategies against LGBTQI rights

    Unveiling Distorted Narratives: Countering Anti-Western Strategies Against LGBTQI Rights

    Levan Berianidze, GATE’s Gender Movement Program Officer, gives an indepth opinion on how to counter anti-western strategies against LGBTQI rights.

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Latest Resources

  • cover page of reaffirming autonomy of trans and gender diverse children and adolescents

    Reaffirming Autonomy of Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents

    GATE’s paper stresses the role that States play in ensuring trans and gender diverse youth’s access to bodily autonomy, gender-affirming healthcare and legal gender recognition.

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  • grey background with pieces of GATE's asterisc colorful logo and the text: We, the intersex people from the Global South, Asia Edition.

    We, the intersex people from the Global South, Asia

    GATE invited participants from five different countries of Asia to share their experiences and projects on intersex matters, discussing the trajectories of intersex-led movements in the Global South.

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  • white background with a square red frame and the text: anti-oppression and health equality; Joint briefing on discrimination, punitive laws and other social determinants of health. Logos of partners on the bottom

    Anti-oppression and Health Equity

    This year there will be three health-related United Nations (UN) High-level meetings (HLMs) focused on tuberculosis (TB), pandemic preparedness prevention and response (PPPR), and universal health coverage (UHC). GATE collaborated with STOPAIDS, Results UK, WACI Health, Kampala Initiative, INPUD, GNP+, and ICW on a joint briefing – Anti-Oppression and Health Equality – which addresses discrimination, punitive laws, and other social determinants of health.

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