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FEM Alliance Uganda

FEM Alliance Uganda (FEMA) is a lesbian, bisexual, transgender and Queer women organization, which was established in 2012 by a group of trans and lesbians who felt that the needs of the growing LBT/Q community was not adequately represented by the few minority groups organizations in Uganda.

  • Published
  • 29 July 2021
FEM Alliance Uganda during a workshop held as part of their engagement in GATE's CRG-SI Project GATE logo
© FEM Alliance Uganda during a workshop held as part of their engagement in GATE’s CRG-SI Project

Fem Alliance Uganda’s Work

FEM Alliance Uganda (FEMA) was formed with a clear mission of improving livelihood amongst the LBT/WSW community through education and imparting communication skills to the members to enable them to cope with changing times.

A lot of lesbians, bisexuals, transgender persons and women who have sex with women have been excluded in a number of interventions here in Uganda, especially those who live in rural areas. Over the years, LBT/WSW have been harassed, cajoled, insulted and discriminated against.

The educational opportunities are few, and so many are unemployed. Those who are educated at a higher level for getting jobs are also unemployed because of their sexual identity. They are isolated in many ways, thrown out from their families for their sexual preferences, leading to drug and alcohol abuse and engaging in all different anti-social activities. FEMA comes in with the intention of changing this situation.

  • Mission: FEM Alliance exists to promote human rights and restore the human dignity of LBT/Q through Education, Personal Development, Advocacy and Strategic partnerships.
  • Vision: FEM Alliance’s vision is a stigma-free Uganda where LBT/Q enjoys equal rights, Human dignity, respect and social justice.


  • To increase knowledge and information and advocate for the Human Rights of LBT/Q within the community.
  • To promote a well-coordinated, inter-dependant and strong network of LBT/Q membership.
  • To develop the institutional capacity of FEMA-Uganda to be able to fulfill its mandate.
  • To establish and maintain strategic partnerships with key allies and partners.

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Uganda is notorious as one of the most deeply homophobic countries in the world. The systematic abuse and non-recognition of Ugandans based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is strongly driven by anti-gender opposition, notably sanctioned by the state, upheld by religion, culture and intolerant social attitudes, and emanating from colonial law enforcement.

Jay Mulucha, Executive Director of FEMA, writing a critical analysis of the impact of the anti-gender movement on trans and gender diverse persons in Uganda
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