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Trans Networking Zone: AIDS 2024

  • Global Village, AIDS 2024 Conference
  • Sunday 21 - Thursday 25 July 2024, 10:00 - 18:00

A space for trans and gender diverse people, friends and allies to come together and network. #TransAgenda #AIDS2024 #PutPeopleFirst

  • Published
  • 5 June 2024
Trans activists in discussion with the International Trans Fund at the AIDS 2022 Trans Networking Zone GATE logo
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Join us at the Trans Networking Zone: TRANScend Together: Unite, Advocate, Thrive

The Trans Networking Zone is a space for trans and gender diverse people, friends and allies to come together to relax, make new connections, and support one another at the AIDS 2024 Conference in Munich.

What to expect

Throughout each day, coffee and snacks will be provided, with numerous publications and resources relating to trans and gender diverse communities available for you to peruse and take home with you. There will be an interactive photo exhibit taking place within the Trans Networking Zone, in which we are asking the question “What does being trans mean to you?” Join in by taking your picture, adding your story to the photo wall, and sharing your response on social media using #TransAgenda!

On Sunday, the Trans Networking Zone will open from 10:00 – 17:00, so come along and say hi, relax and have a coffee and snack!

From Monday to Thursday, we will hold a daily 30-minute meet-up session to plan your activities for the day and debrief from the previous day. This is an opportunity to buddy up with other trans and gender diverse attendees, make plans to attend conference sessions together, and debrief on the sessions from the previous day. To facilitate this, GATE has created a Trans Road Map for AIDS 2024 with a curated selection of conference sessions specifically chosen for their relevance to trans and gender diverse communities. We will host one session a day on specific topics relevant to our communities, from a donor listening session to a session on trans men and HIV. The calendar of events linked below will be updated with more details closer to the conference. We will also be hosting fun networking sessions, where you can get to know other conference attendees in a more relaxed environment and even win some prizes!