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IAPAC and GATE Unite to Promote Trans Health


  • Published
  • 5 June 2024
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IAPAC and GATE Sign MOU to Promote Respect for the Human Rights of Trans and Gender Diverse Individuals and Enhance Gender-Affirming Care

6 June 2024 – The International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) and Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE) are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on joint activities aimed at promoting respect and human rights for trans and gender diverse individuals and optimizing the delivery of gender-affirming care.

The MOU outlines a framework for IAPAC and GATE to work together on projects that will address the health disparities faced by trans and gender diverse individuals. The partnership will focus on advocating for inclusive health policies, providing education and training for healthcare providers, and developing guidelines to ensure the provision of high-quality gender-affirming care.

“Trans and gender diverse individuals face significant barriers to accessing respectful and affirming healthcare that respects their human right to dignity and well-being,” said Dr. José M. Zuniga, President/CEO of IAPAC and the Fast-Track Cities Institute. “Our partnership with GATE is a crucial step in addressing the unique health needs of trans and gender diverse individuals and promoting a healthcare environment that respects their human rights.”

“Everyone has a right to access stigma-free healthcare in a safe and supported environment. Strategic partnerships between community-led organizations and healthcare associations are key to ensuring equitable access to healthcare” said Erika Castellanos, Executive Director of GATE. “By partnering with IAPAC, we hope to bridge a gap to ensure that the needs of our communities are met by healthcare service providers.”

The MOU includes three work areas, including strengthening healthcare provider capacity to deliver non-stigmatizing gender-affirming HIV care; conducting advocacy education for healthcare providers to counter anti-gender inclusiveness in health responses; and centering trans and gender diverse communities at IAPAC and Fast-Track Cities conferences.

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The International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) is a global association representing more than 30,000 clinicians and allied health professionals dedicated to improving the quality of prevention, care, and treatment services for people living with and affected by HIV and comorbid conditions. For more information about IAPAC, please visit:

About GATE

Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE) is an international trans-led advocacy organization that works to protect and promote the human rights of trans and gender diverse communities. GATE focuses on advancing gender equality and social justice through collaborative research, policy development, and capacity building. For more information about GATE, please visit: