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Feminist Affirmation Principles Campaign

The Feminist Affirmation Principles were developed collectively to uphold equal rights and opportunities for all genders. Show your support by signing on! #FeminismForAll

  • Published
  • 2 May 2024
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Feminism is about upholding equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

No matter who you are, what you look like or who you love, you have the same human rights as everybody else. 

In reality, however, many people are denied these rights and opportunities because of social inequality that leads to discrimination, oppression and violence. The feminist affirmation principles campaign shines a light on these inequalities and calls on everyone to do their part by recognizing and challenging discrimination and living by shared values that uphold the human rights of all people, everywhere. 

What are the Feminist Affirmation Principles?

There are eight feminist affirmation principles.

These eight principles emphasize the importance of cross-movement solidarity while upholding the rights of trans, gender diverse and intersex communities. 

  1. Human rights are universal: Everyone has the same human rights, and no one has the right to take these away. 
  2. Right to bodily autonomy: Everyone has the right to make decisions about their own body and how they live their own life.
  3. Right to freedom from medical abuse: Access to healthcare is a human right and should be inclusive, compassionate and free. No one should ever be denied access to necessary medical treatment or forced to undergo medical treatment without consent.
  4. Rights of the child: All children have the same human rights as adults and their dignity, well-being, health and development should be upheld. 
  5. Gender equality for all: We recognize that gender inequality stems from harmful stereotypes that reinforce power imbalances and systems of oppression. 
  6. Recognizing intersectionality of identities: We recognize that we are all unique and our experiences diverse. Our identities (such as race, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation) are interconnected and can define whether we experience privilege or oppression. 
  7. Right to self-determination: Everyone has the right to determine their own future and to engage in political, social, cultural and economic decision-making, both inside and outside their community.
  8. Challenging unjust power structures: We uphold feminist practices by identifying and challenging unjust power structures and systems of oppression, including those within ourselves and our own communities.

Unite with us in our shared vision for a more just and equitable world.

At a time when anti-rights movements are on the rise, we are calling on you to join our global campaign to work towards building a more inclusive future for everyone across all social justice movements.

Sign on to the Feminist Affirmation Principles today and share this campaign to spread the word!

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The Feminist Affirmation Principles were developed collectively to uphold equal rights and opportunities for all people. Sign on today and share this campaign to help us reach our goal of a more just and equitable world: #FeminismForAll

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In partnership with ILGA World and CREA. Read more about the Feminist Affirmation Principles