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What to Expect at AIDS 2020: Virtual – Webinar 1

  • Online
  • Tuesday 23rd June, 14:00 CET

GATE is hosting two webinars to discuss how AIDS 2002: Virtual will work, what to expect, and why it’s important for trans and gender diverse people to be actively engaged in the conference.

  • Published
  • 22 June 2020
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When the IAS started to plan the AIDS 2020 conference, no-one expected a new pandemic to force us into learning how to use new technology to come together virtually. 

In order to prepare attendees and give them an overview of what to expect, GATE invited the following speakers to present at the webinar:

  • Emily Blitz, IAS Conferences Director, gave an update on how AIDS 2020: Virtual will work and what to expect; and
  • Abhina Aher, India HIV/AIDS Alliance Associate Director of Gender, Sexuality and Rights, shared her personal experience of attending an International AIDS Conference.

Erika Castellanos, GATE Director of Programs, moderated the webinar, including the Question and Answer session at the end.

Watch the webinar recording

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