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GATE Brand

Here you can find all documents related to our brand: Brand Book, Talking Points and our GATE Logo.

  • Published
  • 1 January 2017
GATE logo

What makes us unique?

We take pride in being an international organization that is led by trans, gender diverse, and intersex staff and board members from all regions of the world.

Founded in 2009 by Justus Eisfeld and Mauro Cabral Grinspan, today GATE remains the only international organization focused on issues relating to gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics.

The foundation of GATE’s work is transforming the systemic exclusion of trans, gender diverse and intersex (TGDI) people and their issues from international decision-making processes. In our work, we seek to attain the highest level of health, wellbeing and human rights for our communities.

Working in partnership with regional and national TGDI organizations, we support community-led organizing, advocacy and knowledge generation to create strong movements led by and for TGDI people from grassroots to global level.

Erika Castellanos, Executive Director

Please note the following

  • Make note of our logo usage and trademark policy in the GATE Brand Book.
  • Feel free to direct people to our Urgent Resources page for a list of emergency funding, material and advocacy support, if needed: Urgent Resources.
  • Please do not imply that you have partnered with us or that we are working together unless this has been explicitly agreed in writing.
  • Remember that we are a global trans, gender diverse and intersex organization and you are acting as a role model by streaming – keep it inclusive and supportive.
  • Avoid using stigmatizing language, speaking negatively about trans, gender diverse or intersex people or anyone’s personal experiences.
  • Have fun!