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De-democratization, Gender+ and the Politics of Exclusion in Europe: Conference Report documents

Opposition against gender+ equality policies and movements in Europe is on the rise. Broadly defined as “any activity in which a perspective opposing feminist politics and gender+ equality policy is articulated in a way that can be expected to influence or is actually influencing politics or policymaking at any stage” (Verloo, 2018: 6), it poses serious challenges not only to gender+ equality itself but to democracy more broadly.

  • Published
  • 6 October 2022
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Tthe DEDEMOC network, comprising academics, politicians and civil society actors specialized in the matter, has identified the main challenges that such opposition presents, divided into four strongly interrelated thematic areas of special relevance:

  1. The political, institutional and legal domains;
  2. Gender+ equality movements and coalitions;
  3. Knowledge production;
  4. Resources and funding.