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Intersex Bodies: Global South Alliances in LAC – Webinar Report document

GATE hosted a series of webinars to discuss the trajectories of intersex-led movements in the Global South.

  • Published
  • 20 July 2022
A picture of an intersex activist from the LAC region GATE logo
© Global Action for Trans Equality 2022 We the intersex people from the global South Latin America and the Caribbean Edition. | GATE

The Latin American and Caribbean Seminar is the first of three regional webinars aimed at producing a space where local, national, and regional organizations working for the promotion and protection of the human rights of intersex people can encounter to discuss their experiences when it comes to their political engagement.

By providing a safe space for intersex Global South movements and activists to meet, the intention is to foster peer-learning processes on advocacy and capacity development strategies while tracking down recommendations and priorities for human rights advocacy for intersex people. In stimulating the debate on sex variations and intersex issues at the regional level, we aim to assess national and regional trends, best practices, and persisting challenges regarding sex variations and intersex issues while providing an encounter opportunity not very common for intersex people in Latin America and the Caribbean.