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THRIVE Consortium Advocacy Priorities document

The THRIVE Consortium aims to advance advocacy priorities that further and strengthen the rights
and health of trans and gender diverse people, while simultaneously strengthening and building
the capacity of the movement.

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This work will include the following: 

  • The members will prioritize strengthening the broader movement and trans activism by sharing information with and building the capacity of regional and national activists, networks and organizations. Through training, mentorship and, when funding permits, travel support, the Consortium will seek to equalize regional and global advocacy by ensuring broad participation in the movement, including rural-based activists, youth activists, and activists who face intersecting forms of oppression and marginalization. 
  • Most members aim to advance policy demands at the regional level, including, for example, in Africa, where EATHAN intends to shift narratives and push for inclusive and gender-affirming health care and human rights for trans and non-binary people. At the regional level, some members, including TGEU, plan to work on sensitizing health providers and monitoring access and quality of health services, which in turn can inform advocacy efforts and asks. Our regional members help to ensure this project is continually informed by local and regional priorities, developments and advocacy aims. 
  • Finally, members will identify key strategic regional and global policy spaces, bodies and processes, including the Universal Periodic Review, the Global Fund, WHO, UNHCR, and the High-Level Political Form. Expected outcomes include influencing the WHO’s gender-affirming care guidelines for trans and gender diverse people and ensuring that the new Global Fund strategy in health care system strengthening prioritizes trans and gender diverse communities.