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THRIVE Consortium Organizational Capacity Plan document

The individual and collective plans are based on Consortium members’ current organizational capacities are focused on governance and management, financial management, sustainability, and resource mobilization, human resources, and programs.

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Organizations rarely have high levels of capacity, as defined by a narrow Western management idea of organizational effectiveness, when they are constrained by time-bound, uncertain project support, which is also often accompanied by painstaking reporting and due diligence requirements. This funding discourages or inhibits the ability to dream, take risks, plan ahead or shift course in an ever-evolving and continually challenging context. This is particularly critical for organizations that operate in challenging contexts where they face government repression or other threats and organizations that have traditionally received a very limited amount of funding.

The impact of both a challenging context and uncertain, restricted funding clearly impacts trans-led organizations and is evidenced by varying degrees in the experiences of each of the Consortium members.