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Movement Building

Trans, gender diverse and intersex movements are chronically affected by very limited access to financial and organizational resources. Additionally, trans, gender diverse and intersex communities are disproportionately affected by poverty, marginalized or excluded from basic rights such as education, employment, healthcare and sanitation. GATE works to support our movements by advocating to increase resources to fully fund community-led initiatives.

We do this through:

  • Training and mentorship of trans, gender diverse and intersex activists and organizations on sustainability, organizational development and fundraising
  • Producing and sharing knowledge on the funding situation of our movements
  • Participating in donors’ Boards, Evaluation Panels and Advisory Committees, as well as providing reliable references to both donors and activists
  • Engaging with the process on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Supporting the movement towards Universal Health Coverage

Programs / Projects

GATE eLearning Institute

GATE eLearning Institute provides open-access courses designed to provide capacity-building training for trans, gender diverse and intersex organizations across the globe. Our aim is to increase the capacity of trans, gender diverse and intersex organizations and activists to effectively engage in organizational development and movement building. Currently, all trainings are offered in English only. 

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Mentorship for Activists

GATE provides mentorship for trans, gender diverse and intersex activists across the globe to strengthen key organizational skills. Areas of support provided can include community organizing and organizational development. All consultations are free and activists can book a consultation directly. 

Find out more about our Mentorship Consultations